TerminalSmart is an integrated web-based platform of vessel tracking, management, and analytical tools designed specifically to optimize the performance of marine terminals. The Dock Management System extends TerminalSmart to further streamline dock activities and provide an enterprise system for complete management of waterborne terminal docks. Take your Marine Terminal performance to the next level.


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Dock Scheduling and Activity Logging

Comprehensive web-based scheduling allows authorized users to view and maintain dock schedules with a flexible, drag-and-drop interface. Flexible dock configuration support, including assigning a single job to multiple docks.

Easy-to-use, web-based activity logging of all dock events with company-specific activities, events, and reasons for delay. Capture defined attributes for each activity.

Automate the creation of the terminal's own Statement of Facts, and compare it to documentation provided by the vessel operator or agent. Be armed with the information YOU need to resolve commercial disputes.

Resource Optimization and Traffic Management

Evaluate dock utilization, including job time, open availability, and scheduled (and unscheduled) dock closures.

Export TerminalSmart report data to Excel, PDF, and other formats for distribution or further analysis.

Demurrage Reporting and Business Intelligence

Minimize demurrage expense by having the REAL data associated with vessel activities and movements. Automatically record vessel arrivals at the sea buoy, and compare that time to the NOR tender. Reduce demurrage expense by rejecting claims based on objective, fact-based data.

Evaluate dock performance across any performance metric that you choose. Want to evaluate pumps, docks, dockman, inspectors, or other criteria? Then use TerminalSmart’s comprehensive business intelligence reporting to view graphs, charts, and data that will drive increased dock performance.

Collaborative Scheduling and Dock Management

Comprehensive visual scheduling with full drag-and-drop functionality. Schedule TBN’s at any time, and then activate them as a defined job once the details are known. Schedule dock outages, identify conflicts, and share schedule information with your internal and external stakeholders.

Configurable Activity Logging, Including Delays

Easily add activities to any job through a fully customizable electronic dock log. Log activities via the web or through a portable, intrinsically safe tablet. Define rules that drive data capture, reporting, and analysis.

Demurrage Forecasting, Dock Utilization, and Analytic Reporting

Optimize dock efficiency, analyze the source of delay and demurrage, and drive business intelligence. The Data Management System gives YOU the power to understand, evaluate, and adapt.

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