TerminalSmart is an integrated platform of vessel tracking, management, and analytical tools designed specifically for marine terminals. Get the power of PortVision with added features designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety and security of your marine terminal.

Gain increased visibility of the on-water resources that are important to you.




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Use TerminalSmart to view marine fleet information and vessel activity for your vessels and other waterway users. Define customized fleets of chartered vessels, workboats, tugs, pilots, and barges. And create e-mail and text message alerts as needed. Away from the office? Then use PortVision to gain access to your fleet information using your web-enabled mobile device.

Finally, have the power you need to hold vendors, service providers, and other waterway users accountable. Use PortVision’s historical reporting and animated playback to support negotiation, training, enforcement, or even litigation. Know what REALLY happened, and use TerminalSmart’s reporting and display features to share information as required.

Scheduling, Dispatch, and Traffic Management

Now your dispatch and operations center can perform their duties with the benefit of real-time vessel data for all AIS-enabled vessels along the waterway. Incorporate vessel locations and movements into your current logistics practices. Setup custom filters, views, and fleets to gain the productivity you need. Schedule labor and other resources just-in-time based on current vessel locations and dock availability. Have the complete picture of what is going on around your terminal - or in an originating dock or waterway in one of our 300+ supported global regions around the world.

Use PortVision’s automated alerts to keep your team in-the-know, even when on the road or out at sea. Or use TerminalSmart’s dashboards and operations center display to optimize your viewing for a "big-screen" command center environment.

Integrated Demurrage Reporting and Analysis

The TerminalSmart dashboard provides key demurrage-related data within a single, integrated display. TerminalSmart automatically captures and time-stamps ship arrivals and departures, and allows you to add your own documents and dock-side events for each vessel call. Or if you prefer, drill-down to view detailed data for a specific vessel of interest, including timestamps of key events such as NOR tenders (i.e. sea buoy arrival), dock arrivals and departures, and passings by key points of interest. Play back an animation of AIS vessel movements and other waterway activity to verify demurrage claims and produce the documentation you need to support or dispute each demurrage claim. And print key position and event reports to give you the supporting data you need.

Incident Response

Use TerminalSmart to manage all aspects of an on-water incident or event. View vessel traffic in real-time, and set user-defined safety zones to immediately be alerted of specific traffic conditions. Verify vessel speeds and drive compliance through real-time and historical reporting. Use PV-OnBoard battery-operated satellite tracking units to incorporate unmanned barges and equipment into the real-time display.

The TerminalSmart "operations center" display is specifically designed for ops center use. Configure the display as you need it to highlight every aspect of an actively managed marine incident. And since TerminalSmart is web-based, provide real-time views and reporting to remote participants, or even setup a remote center – no server hardware required.

In the unfortunate event that you are the responsible party for an on-water incident, use TerminalSmart to verify claims associated with delays, and to verify the activities of workboats, response vessels, and other affected parties.

After the marine incident, use TerminalSmart’s historical playback and reporting to evaluate the incident, identify best practices, and increase the value and delivery of your training programs.

What’s more, our PortVision ICS-certified personnel will be there to support you as needed with unlimited telephone and e-mail support included with every TerminalSmart deployment. And if you would like our on-site support, discounted per diem billing rates are available exclusively to TerminalSmart customers.

Flexible PortVision User Access

With TerminalSmart, you are not limited to a restrictive per-user licensing model. TerminalSmart puts the power of PortVision into the hands of every authorized user at your terminal. This ensures that you get the maximum benefits and return on your investment.


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  • No hardware or software to install
  • No restrictive "per-user license" for users at terminal
  • At-a-glance integrated operational dashboard with tools
  • Personalize filters, views, fleets, VesselZones™
  • Over a dozen historical reports by port/region, vessel, terminal, or point-of-interest
  • Export report output to PDF, XML, CSV, and Excel formats
  • Documentation attachment capability
  • On-screen animated playback by vessel or terminal. Replay history by viewing the animation, then automatically produce the documentation you need.
  • Access up to five years of historical data of all vessel movements and arrival, departure, and passing events (Applies to AIS-equipped vessels in covered service areas)


  • Provide real-time status of your terminal, dock, and waterway for every authorized terminal user
  • Personalize tools for user specific needs
  • Track ship movements
  • Reduce demurrage
  • Increase resource utilization
  • Provide business intelligence for better decisions
  • Support market research
  • Identify sources of spills, dock, and ATON damage
  • Increase efficiency by vendors, service providers, and waterway users
  • Streamline negotiation, litigation, and dispute resolution activities
  • Review historical events and incidents
  • Identify best practices
  • Use for training

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