Enhance Real-Time Marine Operations with AIS-based Intelligence

PortVision Plus is a web-based service that empowers maritime users with new levels of information and knowledge about marine vessel and terminal activities. PortVision Plus provides visibility to global AIS-enabled ship traffic, including real-time vessel locations as well as up to five years of historical data. Interested in learning more about historical playback and analysis? Then visit our PortVision Advantage page here.

Need to know when a ship arrives or departs? Real-time information about every vessel arrival and departure is automatically recorded and available to authorized PortVision Plus users. Simply select a vessel and view event history. Or set an e-mail or mobile text message alert to be notified of real-time vessel events.

Configure PortVision Plus to highlight only your specific vessels of interest, or view all AIS-enabled vessels on the waterway. Incorporate PortVision Plus’ optional satellite communicators to bring visibility to vessels at sea, unmanned barges, and incident response equipment – all within the integrated PortVision Plus display. See the whole picture, any time, from anywhere.


  • Web-based access – no downloads or plug-ins required
  • Flexible and easily integrated into existing systems and processes
  • Google-like search
  • Visual map display
  • Event history
  • Custom vessel lists
  • Dashboards and collaboration



  • Increase asset efficiency
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Optimize labor and resources
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase contract compliance

Government, Law, Incident Response

  • Increase Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)
  • Improve incident response
  • Aid investigations
  • Enhance briefings