Oceaneering maintains the largest commercial AIS infrastructure in the United States and is one of the largest International providers of AIS data and services.  Our data center processes over 50 million AIS-based ship location reports every day, and maintains a data warehouse of historical vessel movements that exceeds 30 billion records.  Data includes individual vessel locations as well as historical events such as terminal arrivals and departures.



Custom Solutions


Our data is used by a variety of companies and government agencies, commercial data services, and maritime and trade publishing companies to add real-time and historical vessel movements into our clients’ systems and products.

PortVision is part of the Global Data Solutions group at Oceaneering International (NYSE:OII).  We look forward to discussing your needs and determining how our software and data team can meet your specific requirements. Visit our Custom Solutions page to learn more or to setup a no-cost evaluation or discuss your needs further, contact us today.

The following elements of our AIS data network are available to support individual client needs:

  • Coastal and inland river coverage across the USA
  • Regional coverage in major international ports in Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • Premium AIS content in specific regions including China (over 60 Chinese ports)
  • Satellite-based AIS coverage that allows for visibility of AIS-enabled vessels in open oceans world-wide

News & Blog

Heavy Smog in China’s Ports Causes Costly Delays

The watchdogs at China’s Ministry of Environment probably weren’t surprised at the shipping delays recently caused by the heavy smog in the major ports in northern China. But the shippers were. “Most of the time we can berth in one or two days,” said an officer aboard the 119,503 deadweight tonne Nord Vela, anchored off Caofeidian in early January. “But we’ve been waiting four days already.”...Read more

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