If you manage an oceangoing fleet and enjoy the logistics and reporting benefits of PortVision 360 when your vessel is in port, you can now extend those benefits while at sea. Authorized PortVision 360 users can then manage oceangoing vessels from within the integrated PortVision 360 display. Your fleet will switch seamlessly between satellite and AIS communications to provide timely information worldwide.


Create a custom view of all of your oceangoing vessels and view location information in a single display. Print a hot-sheet for others or view your fleet on an interactive worldwide map. And when your vessels arrive at a covered port, PortVision 360 will change the frequency of reporting to every minute and automatically record every terminal arrival, departure, and passing. Of course, you can leverage all of PortVision 360's functionality for your blue water fleet, including e-mail alerts and historical reporting.

Already have an Inmarsat transponder on board? Then PortVision 360 will simply capture data routed from the vessel within PortVision 360, allowing integrated worldwide coverage of your fleet in PortVision 360 without the need for additional hardware.

Products that support Long Range Vessel Tracking:

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