PortVision provides tools and services to increase safety, security, and efficiency of your offshore, upstream operations. PortVision is the only AIS-based vessel service capturing real-time vessel movements in the major offshore oilfields around the world. We use this data to help you do more, with the power of real-time information and a system tailored specifically for offshore use.


PortVision provides a number of tools to support our offshore users involved in E&P, upstream, and midstream operations:

  1. Real-time visibility of all vessels that affect your daily operations. View a common operating picture of all area vessels, assets, and other relevant data. View in PortVision’s web-based display, or in a rich ESRI GIS environment.
  2. Automated alerts when specific vessel events occur. Need to know when an OSV departs from a specific dock, or arrives at a platform? PortVision will tell you through both on-screen and e-mail alerting.
  3. Monitor and respond to subsea pipeline and platform encroachments.  Receive real-time alerts of asset encroachments by any AIS-transmitting vessel.  Dispatch field inspectors immediately.  Playback the encroachment to gain insight and hold parties accountable. Click here to learn more about Offshore Asset Protection.
  4. Vendor compliance management. Have specific rules about speed, vessel density, or other aspects of maritime operations at an offshore worksite? Then use PortVision to monitor vessel activities, drive compliance, and support training initiatives. PortVision can enhance safety by bringing transparency to all vessel activities around your key assets.
  5. Supply chain efficiency. Know who is coming, when. Get early notification of delays, supporting just-in-time activities both on-shore and offshore.
  6. Incident management and response. When the going gets tough, use PortVision to coordinate personnel, equipment, and your overall incident response plan. Identify key area and regional equipment and assets to support a current incident, and monitor status of personnel movement and evacuations.
  7. Drills and training. Integrate real-time vessel positions and a common operating picture (COP) directly into your live response drills and training events. Incorporate vessel movements, weather, and all of your offshore assets into a unified display. Use PortVision’s web-based interface, or leverage our ESRI GIS services to deploy a common operating picture in an industry-standard, ESRI environment.
  8. Live support and service. Use PortVision’s team of ICS-certified offshore personnel to meet your specific requirements. PortVision is powered by Oceaneering, with over 12,000 personnel serving the maritime and offshore energy industry. We have dedicated teams to support your offshore needs with asset tracking, information technology, video services, and offshore communications.

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