In 2014, Oceaneering acquired AIRSIS and its PortVision® vessel-tracking product and service unit, and integrated them into Oceaneering’s Communications Solutions group, forming: Global Data Solutions (GDS).  The combined entity is unique in its ability to solve maritime and energy business challenges that require offshore IT and communications, video, enterprise-class software, AIS techonlogy, and a common operating picture (COP) for tracking of real-time operations.  In 2016, PortVision launched it's new and improved vessel tracking service, PortVision 360. In today’s demanding marine business environment, solutions that encompass the collection, transmission, integration and display of crucial data are increasingly important for optimizing efficiency while enabling collaborative incident response and reporting.


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Maritime businesses in the oil and gas services segment need sophisticated communications and enterprise-class collaboration tools just as other businesses do, and face additional challenges to operate safely and profitably in a complex environment, under harsh and often dangerous conditions.  GDS products and services meet these needs both onshore and offshore, topside and underwater, from terminals, ports and waterways to offshore oilfields and other remote subsea locations.

Products and Services

Global Data Solutions is an integral part of Oceaneering’s larger engineered service and product portfolio for organizations that are primarily involved with deepwater operations including offshore drilling, field development and inspection, and maintenance and repair.  Originally focused on communications, streaming video and Geographic Information System (GIS), GDS now also offers a growing range of custom solutions including both enterprise software development and hardware based data collection and AIS asset tracking and enterprise solutions.

Key GDS practice areas:

Asset tracking systems that increase visibility to help improve efficiency, safety and security, and drive better business decisions
  • PortVision 360®, AIS-based vessel service capturing real-time vessel movements in the major offshore oilfields around the world, which can be viewed in PortVision 360’s web-based display or in a rich ESRI GIS environment.

  • GIS Esri solutions for deepwater COP applications that include the setup, configuration and integration of customer data, live video and real-time data.
  • Marine terminal management solutions
    • The Oceaneering PortVision 360 maritime business intelligence platform is used for AIS-based vessel tracking, reporting and marine terminal management by more than 3,000 subscribers, worldwide.
    • The TerminalSmart Dock Management System drives efficient management of midstream and downstream marine terminals
  • Web-based enterprise systems (for decision support, content management and ERP) that 

    ncludes purpose-built, environmentally-hardened custom software and asset management solutions for some of the industry’s toughest technology problems.
  • Offshore communications and information technology, supported by network services including mesh networks, on-rig technical support and satellite and bandwidth setup

  • Video streaming, recording and management solutions (live, recorded, and DVR), including:

    • Ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore video streaming
    • Video from ROVs, rig floor and other sources
    • Video and telemetry data storage and archiving
    • Video tagging and editing


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Oceaneering International Inc. (NYSE:  OII) is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications.  Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries.  For more information visit: .

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