The PortVision Fleet Management System provides an end-to-end, web-based platform for running your busy fleet operation. It streamlines liquid cargo transportation business processes for each new contract through chartering, voyage and traffic management, invoicing, and detailed reporting. Every step is simplified, from on-board touchscreen activity logging on each boat, to automated invoicing of freight, demurrage, and pass-through invoicing.

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Our fleet management system incorporates the best practices associated in the unit tow marine transportation industry. We understand the complexities of term contracts, spot contracts, demurrage, and your expanding regulatory environment. We are experienced in the hierarchy of contracts, charters, voyages, tows, boats, and barges. And we know that invoicing incorporates multiple rules influencing freight, demurrage, and pass-through services. We also understand the complexities of boat swaps, waterway reporting, and all of the challenges of managing a 24/7 fleet management operation.

You have a complex business to run. We can help. Our fleet management system builds on the foundation of our award-winning PortVision platform, with over 2,000 users, including most inland marine fleets and every major oil company. It provides a flexible system to manage your fleet, while keeping you in-the-know on related waterway activities.


Detailed Activity Reporting Drives Automated Invoicing and Reporting

A key component of our Fleet Management System is the PortVision Activity Logger, a computer-based event log installed on each boat. Use our touch-screen wheelhouse display or an existing on-board PC to record all events, delays and other data for invoicing and reporting. Each boat communicates seamlessly with your traffic department so your captain, dispatchers, schedulers, traffic managers and customers all have the same information. You can eliminate paper while significantly reducing errors and labor.

Our fleet management system manages your fleet in real time and also provides the tools you need after the voyage has been completed. A comprehensive invoicing module lets you automate the invoicing process using your rules. Incorporate industry-standard demurrage, maintenance, and delay criteria into your invoices, or modify them to meet customer-specific requirements. Allow the system to invoice for Waterway taxes and other pass through expenses, as required.

Let our fleet management system help you with month- and year-end reporting, too. The system provides comprehensive ExStars, US Army Corps, and individual state and waterway reporting to keep you in compliance, while allowing your team to focus on higher-value activities.

Grow Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Our fleet management system also enables you to work more closely with your customers. Thanks to PortVision's large installed base, we have likely deployed our TerminalSmart integrated terminal and dock optimization system at your customer's terminal operation. The TerminalSmart Dock Management System integrates directly with our fleet managment system, so you can share a variety of management data with your customers. This promotes higher-value relationships and further streamlines business processes while driving greater utilization and increased revenue.

Use our fleet management system to give your customers traffic updates and automate invoicing delivery and approval. Complete demurrage reporting in days rather than weeks or months. You can even share waterway volume data with your customers to minimize reporting errors.

Learn how other fleet operators are creating real competitive advantage through our fleet management system. PortVision is already used by all major oil companies and many chemical manufacturers, third-party tank storage operations and public dock facilities. And key marine logistics personnel from several oil majors say they prefer working with marine transportation companies that provide integrated activity reporting into their TerminalSmart platform through our fleet management system.

Gain the advantage of enterprise-class fleet management and real-time customer collaboration with the PortVision Fleet Management System.

A Platform for Growth

The PortVision platform also provides the modular foundation for planned future enterprise capabilities. PortVision will soon be releasing comprehensive modules for Personnel Management and Work Management. These modules will be integrated into our fleet management system for seamless management of all related enterprise activities. As modules are added, PortVision customers will be able to replace their disparate systems with a single, comprehensive, fully integrated system.

PortVision offers the world's only maritime business intelligence system that optimizes your business across all of the activities related to contracts, charters, voyages, and individual tow, boat and barge operations. This gives you the opportunity to consolidate this information into a complete picture that drives process improvements across your entire business cycle, and cuts your overall costs while delivering the unique competitive advantage of stronger customer collaboration.

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