PortVision Now Supports Long Range Tracking of Vessels at Sea

Posted by Andrea LaVorgna

PV–OnBoard Global integrates ocean-going vessels into award-winning PortVision platform

Houston, TX - April 22, 2008 - PortVision, a leading provider of information solutions for the maritime industry, announced today  the release of PV-OnBoard Global, a value-added service allowing PortVision users to integrate long-range vessel tracking (LRIT) directly within the web-based PortVision platform.  PV-OnBoard Global is the latest addition to the PV-OnBoard product line, which already allows barges, intermodal containers, railcars, and trailers to be tracked and managed along with AIS-enabled vessels from within the PortVision service. 

“PV-OnBoard Global is the direct result of feedback we have received from customers,” said Dean Rosenberg, PortVision President and CEO.  “Users are already leveraging PortVision to enhance visibility and management of vessels and terminals within ports and inland waterways.  Now our customers can use the same powerful platform to maintain visibility even when their vessels are offshore.”

PV-OnBoard Global provides worldwide coverage for vessels at sea through satellite communications and the PortVision web-based platform.  Vessels already using Inmarsat for GMDSS/SSAS can initiate PV-OnBoard Global tracking through PortVision without the need to procure additional hardware.  Other users can enable PV-OnBoard through a satellite transmitter provided by PortVision.

About PortVision: PortVision provides new levels of knowledge and transparency to maritime activities within ports and inland waterways. The service’s real-time visualization and historical information allow users to get up-to-date visibility of vessel activities and take immediate action based on instant alerting when events of their particular interest occur. Historical playback and reporting features offer expanded opportunities to identify best practices and to better communicate with customers, partners, and service providers. For more information, call 1-858-586-0933 or visit www.portvision.com.

PortVision 360 AIS Vessel Tracking

Posted on Apr 22, 2008 11:43:00 AM