PortVision Introduces First Web-Based Service Platform for Marine Terminal Operators That Integrates Vessel Tracking, Management and Analysis

Posted by Andrea LaVorgna

Dashboard That Improves Safety and Efficiency of Marine Terminals

Houston, TX – April 27, 2010 -- PortVision, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the maritime industry, today announced the world’s first web-based service platform that integrates vessel tracking, management and analysis in a single, convenient operational dashboard for marine terminal operators. The TerminalSmart™ solution gives terminal operators access to PortVision’s comprehensive database of both real-time and historical vessel movements based on AIS vessel-tracking data, and combines it with powerful management, analysis and reporting tools to enhance terminal operations.

Unlike stand-alone AIS-based tracking tools that simply display dots on a map to represent current vessel locations, TerminalSmart is a comprehensive real-time and historical vessel tracking, management and analysis platform. Based on PortVision’s proven maritime intelligence platform, TerminalSmart has been configured and optimized to meet the specific needs of marine terminal management. Terminal operators can use TerminalSmart to streamline vendor and resource management, handle all traffic scheduling, dispatch and management, perform integrated demurrage reporting and analysis, and accelerate and improve incident response – all from a single, comprehensive, web-based solution.

“Marine terminal operators are under more pressure than ever before to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their visibility into every aspect of the increasingly complex terminal environment,” said Dean Rosenberg, chief executive officer with PortVision.

“TerminalSmart not only delivers all necessary information about current and historical vessel locations and events, but also provides all of the tools to leverage that information for business intelligence and analysis, critical decision-making, and comprehensive, integrated operational reporting,” Rosenberg added. “Plus, TerminalSmart is the only maritime intelligence platform that gives terminal operators access to PortVision’s comprehensive database of vessel information -- we currently process over 40 million vessel location reports every day and our data warehouse contains 10 billion arrival, departure, passing, and vessel movement records.”

TerminalSmart enables operators to view real-time and historical information about the activities of every AIS-enabled vessel in PortVision’s covered service regions – including most major US ports and regions and over 50 international ports. TerminalSmart users can define their own customized fleets of chartered vessels, workboats, tugs, and barges, they can receive and share e-mail and text-message alerts about fleet movements, and they can access historical data and animated playback for any selected vessels and events. This enables terminal operators to streamline vendor and resource management, and to incorporate vessel locations and movements into their current traffic scheduling dispatch and management practices. They can use TerminalSmart’s special command-and-control display to streamline tasks related to scheduling labor and other resources for just-in-time deployment based on current vessel locations, dock availability and in-transit traffic conditions. They also can define their own filters, views and fleets to further enhance efficiency and productivity.

These and other capabilities also enable terminal operators to perform integrated demurrage reporting and analysis within a single, integrated dashboard environment. TerminalSmart automatically timestamps and captures data about arrivals, departures and other vessel events, and allows users to add their own documents and information about dock-side events for each vessel call. TerminalSmart’s detailed information can be used to verify demurrage claims and produce the required documentation for supporting or disputing demurrage claims. Individual customers have documented over $1M in annual savings through the use of these features.

Finally, TerminalSmart can also be used to manage all aspects of on-water incidents or events. Operators can view real-time vessel traffic in a single, convenient command-and-control display environment, gain access to every aspect of an actively managed incident in user-defined safety zones, and share real-time information and reporting with remote participants and other operation center to drive compliance and create incident reports.

PortVision’s TerminalSmart solution is available in May 2010. Pricing is based on terminal size and enterprise access.

About PortVision:
PortVision provides enhanced levels of knowledge and transparency to maritime activities within ports, inland waterways, and oceans. The Web-based service provides real-time visualization and historical reporting through a data warehouse that processes and analyzes over 40 million vessel movements each day. PortVision records all vessel arrivals and departures in covered service regions and can be configured to automatically alert users when events of interest occur. Historical playback and reporting features offer expanded opportunities to increase safety, security, efficiency, and market intelligence. PortVision subscribers include users from all major oil companies, large and small marine service companies, terminals, fleet owners, port authorities, and government agencies. Based in Houston, Texas, PortVision is a service of AIRSIS Inc., a San Diego-based technology company. For more information, visit www.portvision.com or call 1-713-337-3737.

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Posted on Apr 27, 2010, 12:11:00 PM