PortVision Vessel-Tracking Service Helps BP Speed Gulf Oil Spill Response and Recovery Operations

Posted by Andrea LaVorgna

PortVision Service Has Enabled Multiple Response Teams to Monitor and Coordinate Extensive Fleet Activities Using Automated Identification System (AIS) and Satellite Tracking Data

Houston, TX –August 25, 2010 -- PortVision®, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the maritime industry, today announced that BP has used the company’s PortVision vessel-tracking service and PV-OnBoard battery-operated satellite trackers to enhance and accelerate response and restoration operations related to the April 20, 2010, “Deepwater Horizon” incident.

“The PortVision service has significantly improved how we have managed vessel activity related to the Gulf response and restoration operation,” said Scott Neuhauser, Deputy Branch Director for Plaquemines Parish with BP. “PortVision has given us significantly greater visibility into what’s occurring in the field so that we could assess progress and more effectively allocate the more than 30,800 personnel, 5,050 vessels and dozens of aircraft that are engaged in the response effort.”

“We have worked closely with BP and the Unified Command operations team in support of real-time vessel-tracking activities related to the Gulf incident response and restoration effort,” said Dean Rosenberg, chief executive officer. “This includes providing a combination of hardware and customized software, extensive support services, and our PV-OnBoard satellite trackers. The PortVision service offers significant benefits in incident-response and other maritime intelligence applications, and also enables responders and other parties to access historical AIS and satellite data for a variety of purposes, from policy development and training to litigation support and the verification of vessel operating fees and service charges.”

The PortVision service leverages the world’s only comprehensive database of AIS real-time and historical tracking data to provide detailed visibility into commercial vessel activity, from port arrivals and departures to ship movements on the open sea. To track smaller vessels that are not equipped with AIS transponders, BP and the Unified Command team have used the PortVision service with data provided by the company’s PV-OnBoard battery-operated satellite trackers, which are now being deployed on the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Information from the combination of AIS and satellite data has simplified the team’s challenging task of monitoring and managing the many ships, fishing boats, skimmers and barges that have been operated by multiple organizations in adjacent and often overlapping response areas.

Additionally, PortVision has customized its offering for BP and the Unified Command team, adding screen overlays of divisional response areas throughout the affected Gulf regions, and color-coding vessel types within these areas using the PortVision VesselZones™ feature. The ability to create user-defined VesselZones simpifies vessel viewing, tracking and alerts while streamlining and enhancing incident response.

The PortVision web-based vessel tracking, management and analysis service is designed to provide greater insight into vessel activities in most major U.S. ports and regions and over 100 international ports. It is the only database of its kind that contains five years of data regarding the movements of commercial ships in major ports and waterways that transmit IMO and USCG-mandated AIS collision-avoidance signals. Within the most recent update to PortVision’s service portal, users have full, web-based access to real-time weather radar overlays and animated loops, plus voyage distance calculations and vessel arrival estimations. Users can filter results by ship and port or region, create user-defined tracking-related VesselZones by simply clicking and dragging points on the map overlay, and be alerted when vessels move in or out of these VesselZones. VesselZones are particularly important for maritime incident response, enabling real-time information and reports that can be shared with remote participants and operation centers while also streamlining third-party vessel monitoring to validate activities and costs and to expedite billing.

About PortVision
PortVision provides enhanced levels of knowledge and transparency to maritime activities within ports, inland waterways, and oceans. The Web-based service provides real-time visualization and historical reporting through a data warehouse that processes and analyzes over 40 million vessel movements each day. PortVision records all vessel arrivals and departures in covered service regions and can be configured to automatically alert users when events of interest occur. Historical playback and reporting features offer expanded opportunities to increase safety, security, efficiency, and market intelligence. PortVision subscribers include users from all major oil companies, large and small marine service companies, terminals, fleet owners, port authorities, and government agencies. Based in Houston, Texas, PortVision is a service of AIRSIS Inc., a San Diego-based technology company. For more information, visit www.portvision.com or call 1-713-337-3737.

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Posted on Aug 25, 2010 12:25:00 PM