PortVision Introduces WorkBoat Communications and Tracking Service at Half the Cost of Satellite-Only Solutions

Posted by Bob Kessler

Extends Its Award-Winning AIS-Based Vessel-Tracking Offering with Two-Way Cellular and Satellite Service to Deliver Three-Tier Coverage With Least Cost Routing

Houston, TX−May 17, 2011 -- PortVision®, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the maritime industry, today announced the availability of its PortVision TriMode™ workboat fleet management and business intelligence service. The web-based solution extends the company’s PortVision AIS-based offering to include two-way cellular and satellite service for messaging and position reports, and uses least-cost routing to cut overall expenses in half as compared to legacy satellite-only alternatives.

“Traditionally, fleet owners relied only on expensive satellite airtime for vessel reporting and messaging,” said Dean Rosenberg, PortVision chief executive officer. “By integrating AIS, cellular and satellite capabilities into a tri-mode solution, PortVision is able to significantly increase fleet visibility and enhance maritime business intelligence, while saving our customers up to 50 percent in hardware and airtime costs.”

PortVision’s TriMode service seamlessly integrates least-cost routing across three communication paths, including:

  • AIS for real-time reporting of the fleet and other AIS-enabled vessels when near shore or in-port
  • Cellular for near-real-time reporting at very low cost whenever a vessel is within a cellular coverage area
  • Satellite for guaranteed reporting and text messaging whenever cellular is unavailable

The result is a fleet management system that provides valuable operational and reporting benefits while significantly cutting the costs of legacy satellite-only solutions, since fleet owners can now also use more economical AIS and cellular service that, in many cases, is accessible over 75 percent of the time.

PortVision TriMode customers realize all of the benefits of the company’s PortVision Plus and PortVision Advantage platforms in a single, integrated offering. In addition to guaranteed vessel position reporting, customers can use the TriMode service to create e-mail alerts, view arrival/departure history, and tap into PortVision’s data warehouse, which processes 40 million vessel positions daily and archives over 15 billion arrival, departure, and vessel movement records spanning the last five years.

PortVision can be used to improve safety and efficiency, streamline vendor and resource coordination, handle all traffic scheduling, dispatch and management, perform integrated demurrage reporting and analysis, enhance market intelligence, and accelerate and improve incident response.

PortVision’ TriMode service is available now.

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Posted on May 17, 2011, 12:34:00 PM