PortVision Announces Growing U.S. Adoption of Its Enterprise-Class Marine Terminal Optimization Solutions

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Shares Latest Deployment Figures with Attendees at the Company’s TerminalSmart User Summit, Including New Installations at More Than 15 Marine Terminals

Houston, TX – October 17, 2012 - PortVision®, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the maritime industry, today announced that the company is experiencing growing U.S. demand for its TerminalSmart™ platform, which integrates dock management, scheduling, reporting and analytics with the PortVision Automatic Identification System (AIS)-based vessel tracking services. The company told attendees at its TerminalSmart User Summit here that it is now deploying the platform at more than 15 additional marine terminals operated by four large customers.

“We are pleased to announce that four new customers - each of whom is among the industry’s top oil companies - have licensed our TerminalSmart platform and dock management system during the past quarter and are now deploying it at more than 15 new marine terminal locations across the U.S. in the coming year,” said Dean Rosenberg, PortVision chief executive officer. “These new orders represent more than $2.5 million in contract value for our rapidly growing enterprise software business. They also reinforce the increasing importance that the world’s largest oil companies place on optimizing marine operations in the petrochemical supply chain using this new category of enterprise-class terminal management software.”

The PortVision AIS-based vessel-tracking service is widely adopted by petrochemical refineries, third-party midstream facilities and other marine terminal organizations as a powerful tool for enhancing visibility and improving business management, analytics, reporting, and operational safety and efficiency. In 2009, the company expanded its focus to include a broader offering of enterprise-class tools for marine professionals in oil and gas industry logistics, supply chain management and fleet operations. The company’s TerminalSmart platform and Dock Management System are designed to help marine terminal operators to more effectively meet a broad range of specific challenges including chartering, scheduling, vetting, logistics, loss control and demurrage management, as well as front-line dock operations and overall dock management.

PortVision’s TerminalSmart User Summit is being held here today to enhance customer benefits of the company’s business optimization solutions by bringing together marine terminal management and operations personnel for dialog, brainstorming, and industry networking. Personnel from more than 30 companies have come together to share ideas and experiences in a collaborative environment so they can drive further business improvement within their individual organizations and across the industry.

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