Collaboration = Efficiency

Posted by Bob Kessler

collaborationThe Domestic oil boom we are experiencing has revealed that our energy supply chain is fragile.  Spare barges, tank space and pipelines are scarce.  Dock space is at a premium.  Plants are at risk of running out of feedstock even with one or two docks being taken out of commission at a public terminal.

Collaboration between waterway stakeholders helps to optimize the supply chain.  Information that impacts the supply chain should be communicated to all stakeholders in near real-time to allow all stakeholders to make decisions in a timely fashion.  Unfortunately, in many waterways (and at many terminals) this is accomplished through inefficient means, including phone calls, e-mails, and proprietary websites. 

How can collaboration be improved?  One approach is to have a single web based portal where all stakeholders can enter and learn of information about the waterways that may impact their operations.   PortVision has worked to improve waterway collaboration through our TerminalSmart and Dock Management System web-based platforms.  These web-based portals provide waterway stakeholders the tools to relay relevant information to internal and external parties, so that they can make better decisions.  As a terminal operator, this gives you the ability to publish portions of your dock schedules to those who need to know.  Or to provide access to parties that have information to relay about a specific job at your docks.

At PortVision, we have found that collaboration drives efficiency.  And efficiency drives both cost reduction and new revenue opportunities.  If you would like to explore how your marine terminal can benefit from web-based scheduling, collaboration, and dock activity logging, then contact us to start the conversation today.

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Posted on Apr 22, 2013, 4:29:00 PM

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