Creating Fleets and Views on the PortVision Map

Posted by Dean Rosenberg

Did you know that you have the ability to customize the PortVision map to display only those vessels that are relevant to YOU?  You have a number of tools available to select the vessels that you want to see.  To start the process, click the “Filters” button located at the top of the PortVision map.  From there, you can define and select custom fleets and custom views.


Custom Fleets:  Fleets are vessels that you select.  For each fleet, you select the list of individual vessels that will be a part of the fleet.  You can then assign a color that will be used to depict the fleet on the map, and select to view only the fleet on the map, or the fleet along with other AIS-enabled vessels.  You can create multiple custom fleets as required.

Custom Views:  Custom views are different than fleets, in that you define a filter criteria for the view, and then PortVision displays only those vessels on the map that meet your filter criteria.  For example, you can create a custom view called “Tankers to Houston”.   You can then define your filter criteria as:

  • Destination  = “houston, galveston, galtex, texas city”  (free-form text entry, separated by commas)
  • Vessel Type = “Tanker, Chemical Tanker, etc.”  (selected check boxes from the list)

Once you save this custom view and then select to view it on the map, you will see all identified tankers that are currently designating a destination of Houston, Galveston, GalTex, or Texas City.

fleet custom view resized 600 

Custom Fleets and Views are available in PortVision Plus, PortVision Advantage, and TerminalSmart.  To learn more about these products, contact us today.

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Posted on May 10, 2013 3:51:00 PM

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