From Paper Decklogs to Mouse Clicks and Finger Swipes

Posted by Bob Kessler

paper to digitalTug and Ferry operations management requires a smooth and consistent information flow between a company’s moving boats and shoreside offices.   Crew members are often the company’s first point of entry for incoming data.    Timing associated with activities such as “underway”, “at the dock”, “job start”, and “job end” are all important to allow the company to accurately pay crewmembers, invoice customers, and meet defined scheduling parameters.  In many ways this dataflow is the lifeblood of the company. Why then, are companies reluctant to move away from traditional paper logs and timesheets?  Could it be the perception that current regulations will not allow relevant information to be recorded electronically?   Perhaps there is a long-time culture that creates a perceived resistance to change.  Whatever the reason, times are changing. 

Progressive companies have adopted touch screen devices that allow boat operators to log relevant times and information with a few swipes of the finger.  Those touch screens are able to transmit the data to the office where it is aggregated for use in billing, payroll, and trip analysis.  Companies who have  changed to a simple, consistent process have reduced overall effort and freed up resources to broaden their focus on additional areas that have been otherwise neglected.

PortVision can help companies move from paper to finger swipes and mouse clicks as well.   We have experience in working with company stakeholders to identify which current processes can benefit from such technology.  We can suggest process improvements and deliver a solution that provides an outcome that will reduce the overall costs and effort in collecting and using this data.  The technology is not only here, it is now robust and proven.  Are you ready to get onboard?

PortVision 360 AIS Vessel Tracking

Posted on May 15, 2013 4:48:00 PM

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