Do Business Better With Terminal-based Alerts in PortVision

Posted by Dean Rosenberg

Many PortVision users create alerts which are triggered when a specific vessel of interest arrives, departs, or passes a specific terminal or point of interest.  However, did you know that it is possible to create e-mail alerts based on a selected Terminal, rather than a vessel?  For example, if you wanted to know every time that ANY vessel arrived or departed at a specific dock, terminal, or point of interest, simply follow these steps…

terminal alert

  1. Click on the Terminal or Point of Interest icon from the map.  Or if you prefer, search for it by name in the search box
  2. Click the link labeled “Create Alert”
  3. Fill out the fields to define the type of alert.  You can select from:
    1. Vessel at POI/Terminal – The alert will trigger as soon as a vessel is detected at the point of interest
    2. Arrival – The alert will trigger when PortVision logs an arrival at the point of interest by any vessel.  An arrival is logged whenever a vessel stops at the point of interest
    3. Departure – The alert will trigger when PortVision logs a departure from the point-of-interest
    4. Passing – The alert will trigger when a vessel passes through a point-of-interest without stopping (i.e. for mile markers, buoys, etc.)
  4. Fill out the rest of the fields on the Alert page to further define the type of alert you would like to receive

That’s it!  Terminal-based alerts are supported across all of our platforms, including PortVision Plus, PortVision Advantage, and TerminalSmart.  Not yet a PortVision user?  Then contact us for more information, or to start your free trial today.

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Posted on May 17, 2013 1:32:00 PM

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