Feature Friday: Configuring “Reports and Links” on the PortVision Dashboard

Posted by Nicole Pereira

The PortVision Dashboard provides many features for managing your fleets and terminals within a single, interactive location.  However, what many users don’t realize is that they can also customize a personal menu of “Reports and Links” right from their dashboard. 

The PortVision Dashboard is available to PortVision Advantage and TerminalSmart users by selecting the “Dashboard” link at the top of each page. On the right sidebar you will be able to see the Reports and Links module.

Dash Report 1 resized 600

From there you can click on maintain reports and a popup window should appear allowing you to select from any of our reports.

 Dash Report 2 resized 600

 After selecting your desired report options you can save and now access those reports quickly right from the sidebar of your dashboard!

  Dash Report 3 resized 600

This section of the site allows you to maintain links to frequently used PortVision reports right on the Dashboard.  You can also add ANY web link in this section as well.It acts a bit like a bookmark list.

To add a PortVision Report link to your Dashboard, click “MAINTAIN REPORTS”.  To add any web link (including intranet links as well as links on the public Internet), click “MAINTAIN LINKS”.  PortVision will then guide you through adding the desired link to your customized Dashboard.

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