Feature Friday: Viewing Vessel Movement History with Vessel Tracks

Posted by Nicole Pereira

Vessel Tracks (also known as ship tracks) allow you to view recent history of a selected vessel from within both the map view of PortVision Plus, and the Playback view of PortVision Advantage.

To access vessel tracks, first you must select a vessel by clicking on it on the map (map view or playback view).  Once you have selected your vessel a red circle will appear around it:

 vessel select resized 600

Next Click “Show Vessel Track” from the actions panel on the right side of the page. All other vessels will be hidden, and the historical track leading up to the current vessel position will be displayed as a trail of red triangles.  You can hover the mouse over any track to view timestamp information for that specific point.

  ship tracks resized 600

You can customize the Vessel Track function from the “User Preferences” option within PortVision.

ship track option resized 600

From the User Preferences page, you can select the time lapse between each track (minimum time is 1 minute), and also select whether you would like to hide all other vessels when viewing vessel tracks.

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PortVision 360 AIS Vessel Tracking

Posted on Jul 5, 2013, 5:04:00 PM

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