Feature Friday: Share your Saved Fleets with Other Users

Posted by Nicole Pereira

Previously we have shared how to create your own fleets so that you can customize the map view to highlight your own vessels of interest. 

Today we are going to show you how to share those fleets with others. This way you and your PortVision-enabled co-workers can work within the same data set. This also gives read only access of your fleet, allowing you to retain a single point of control for your shared fleets.

From within your dashboard click on “My Fleets” in the top right then click on “Maintain”. Once you arrive on the following screen select your fleet from the “My Fleets” list.

 my fleets resized 600

When in the fleet you have an option to “Add Subscribers” at bottom of the Fleet Edit page.

fleet subscribers resized 600

Type in the Username of a PortVision user that you would like to share your fleet with, and click “Add” and then “Save” when done.  These users will then be able to see your fleet in their list of Fleets.  The fleet will be read only, so users cannot add or remove vessels from the fleet.

Feel free to share your fleet (and this feature!) with as many other PortVision users as you would like.

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Posted on Aug 2, 2013 7:10:00 PM

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