Feature Friday: Setting a Single Alert for your Vessel Fleet

Posted by Nicole Pereira

Many of our PortVision subscribers routinely use PortVision for scheduling individual vessel or terminal alerts.  However, did you know that you can also configure an arrival or departure alert that applies to your entire fleet? 

Today’s “Feature Friday” will show you how to set a single alert for your entire fleet – whether it be 2 vessels or 200 vessels.  And remember, your fleets in PortVision can be comprised of ANY vessels.  They can be your own fleet, your competitor’s vessels, tug and pilot boats, or any other vessels that you would like to monitor on an ongoing basis.

To define a fleet alert, click on “My Alerts” from the top of any PortVision page. Here you can create and edit alerts easily:

vessel list alerts resized 600


To set an alert that applies to all vessels in one of your defined fleets, simply select the option for “Vessel in a fleet” and select the fleet that you would like to include from the pull-down list.  Creating fleet alerts is an easy way to schedule a single alert that applies to many vessels.  And don’t forget, you can send your alerts to more than one e-mail recipient – simply separate each e-mail address with a comma.

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Posted on Aug 9, 2013, 6:51:00 PM

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