Feature Friday: Historic Playback (with Screencast)

Posted by Nicole Pereira

One of the most powerful features in our PortVision Advantage and TerminalSmart platforms is the ability to run a historical playback to view ship tracking data up to 6 years old. Historical playback is used for a number of different purposes:

  • Legal Cases – Do you want to know who damaged your dock when no one was there to witness it? Using our vessel tracking historical data you can playback what happened.
  • Logistics – Do you need to know where to dredge or place a buoy? Look at historical records to see how much traffic has been in those areas.
  • Market Research –  Use hisrorical AIS data to analyze customer or prospect activity, identify new revenue opportunities, or consider new markets. 
  • Debts and Seizure – lienholders can use PortVision alerts and historical AIS data to learn when a vessel is heading into port facilitating resolution of the lien. Using historic playback you can also see where these ships have been and if there are any patterns to help you track them down.

In our last post by Jason Tieman, our Director of Maritime Operations, Jason talked about how in a recent legal case his testimony, backed up by PortVision historical AIS vessel tracking data, was given weight over eye witness testimony. AIS ship tracking data has proven reliable and believable in countless court cases since 2005. 

To utilize historical playback, click on the reports section in the top right of the dashboard. Then click “go” when you see the area below: playback go resized 600

From there select the vessel or point of interest. Then indicate the specific data and time in order to "replay history" on the map.

playback time resized 600

In this screencast you can see we recorded the movement of a vessel at 5 min increments per tick.

 Other elements of this feature are:

  • You also have the ability to move forward and backwards in time in the map view mode.
  • You will see not only vessels but also points of interests as they were during that period of time.
  • You can advance the playback at 30sec-60 min intervals depending on how fast you want to see the movement in that area
PortVision 360 AIS Vessel Tracking

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 11:19:00 PM

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