Feature Friday: Tides, Notes and Outages in Dock Management System

Posted by Dean Rosenberg

Today’s “Feature Friday” is for our TerminalSmart Dock Management System Users.  We have enhanced the usability and functionality of the Dock Schedule Page to support better collaboration between users who reference the schedule.  Today, we will talk about three new additions to the Dock Schedule Page:


To see marine tide information on a daily basis, click the “Tide” checkbox in the upper right corner of the schedule.  This will display a ribbon across the top of the schedule with low and high tide indicators for each day.  tides resized 600



Did you know that it is possible to provide notes on the schedule that are viewable by all users?  Simply click the “Notes” checkbox, and the current schedule notes will be displayed.  If you are authorized to edit the schedule notes, you can do so by clicking the “EDIT” button.

notes resized 600


Dock Outages

TerminalSmart allows you to indicate dock outages directly on the schedule.  This serves a number of purposes:

  1. It communicated dock availability to all users.  If a berth is unavailable due to maintenance, dredging, or construction, then making that indication on the schedule will keep everyone “in the know”
  2. Documenting the occurrence of each dock outage drives better reporting on dock utilization

Thus, if you know that a berth will be out of service, logging the outage will ensure that everyone who needs to know, knows.  It will also drive more realistic and accurate reporting about dock utilization.

To log a dock outage, click “Add Outage” on the top right of the Dock Schedule page.  You will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Dock
  • Start time and date
  • End time and date
  • Reason for the outage

add outage resized 600

Once you click “Save”, your outage will be displayed on the schedule, and available for reporting.

Schedule Display: outage schedule resized 600


List of outages: outage list resized 600

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