Sharing Fleet Information with the Right People, at the Right Time

Posted by Jason Tieman

One of the objectives that PortVision continues to focus on, is how can we push relevant information to our customers that will give them valuable information without even loggin into your PortVision account.  As a PortVision user, there are a number of configurable features. Today we want to share with you fleet reporting.

In one of our previous blog posts we talked about how to set-up and manage multiple fleets.  As we discussed, these fleets could be based on type of service the vessel provides, who the vessel is contracted to, or even monitoring of a competitor’s fleet. You can have as many fleets as you want with as many vessels in each fleet as you want. 

One of the common discussions we have with both the vessel operators and charterers is how they manage the daily fleet or position reports. Many times these reports are dependent on an individual or dispatcher to gather all the vessel reports and develop a fleet report that gets e-mailed to their customers. We often hear how these reports can be late, not frequent enough, or not providing timely and valuable data. Imagine if you could dictate exactly when you got the report you needed, and on the exact schedule you wanted?  AIS ship and vessel tracking allows you to follow vessels on a map when you are in front of your web browser, but why not extend that capability when you are not even logged in?

Here’s how…

Next time you are in your PortVision Plus or PortVision Advantage account, click on the “Preferences” tab, then click the tab on the right labeled “My Scheduled Reports”.  From this screen you will be able to now leverage the “fleets” of vessels you have already built and schedule the exact days and times you would like to get an update on that list of vessels.  You may only want a scheduled report for one fleet, or you may want every fleet to have a designated reporting schedule.

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The most exciting thing about this scheduled report is that you can share it by adding anyone’s e-mail to the Recipients list, including individuals who are not PortVision subscribers.  This will allow you to share this report with customers, managers, venders, or anyone on your team.  This is just another example of how you can get answers to your questions without even logging in.

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Posted on Sep 13, 2013, 5:04:00 PM

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