Don’t miss the boat... McAllister's innovative use of PortVision

Posted by Dean Rosenberg

This week I was with a customer who is a ferry operator on the U.S. East Coast.  As with many of our fleet operators, McAllister Towing & Transportation finds value in using PortVision® for operations purposes, as well as tapping into the PortVision Advantage data warehouse to derive business intelligence about vessel routes, speed, transit time, and on-time reporting.  But at The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Company, McAllister’s ferry operation in New York, we found a new use for PortVision.  When we visited their Port Jefferson passenger terminal, we found a wall-mounted, large-screen display that had been configured to give passengers the current locations and inbound progress of its three ferries so they have up-to-the-minute information about each boat’s schedule and status. 

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The Port Jefferson passenger terminal’s fleet status system is similar to the “Next Bus” concept that has become popular in land-based mass transit systems, where passengers are provided with detailed status regarding the ETAs of upcoming trains and buses.  The Port Jefferson status system uses PortVision Advantage to acquire and deliver real-time vessel information including a visual representation of the location and arrival status for the company’s ferries.  The GRAND REPUBLIC, PARK CITY, and P.T. BARNUM combine to provide hourly ferry services for the 90-minute transit between Bridgeport, Conn., and Port Jefferson, NY.  Each ferry has the capacity to carry 1,000 passengers and 100 automobiles.  

You may recall that I have mentioned in past blog posts about how I LOVE when our customers find new and innovative uses for PortVision technology and AIS data.  This was a simple example of customer innovation, and may be even an obvious one.  But I still LOVE when a customer can deploy our products for a specific intended use, and then find value elsewhere in the organization where they can further leverage their PortVision investment.

Have an innovative PortVision use?  Then contact us and share it today.  With your permission, we will share it with the PortVision user community, and you may even find yourself the star of one of our upcoming “Portvisionville” user conferences.

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