Feature Friday: Fun with Dock and Berth Scheduling, Part 2

Posted by Nicole Pereira

In the past we covered some of the smaller bits of our Dock Management System module in TerminalSmart such as tides, notes and alerts. Today we wanted to cover the core of the platform’s calendar view.

dms calendar resized 600

At a glance, the calendar allows you to see what jobs are scheduled and when. You can also see what type of cargo those jobs are handling by setting a color code in the system settings.

dms colors resized 600

In addition you can see where the job is at by way of setting little light indicators that you can see in the top right of jobs.

 dms lights

The TerminalSmart Dock Management System calendar view not only is a aggregated reflection of all the inputs you entered but it also allows you to manage your schedule with visual drag and drop ability. Just click on a job and drag it to a new time!

Watch our Video on Dock Management

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