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Bringing Industry 4.0 to the Terminal

Mitigating Vessel-Related Offshore Asset Risks More Efficiently and Effectively

Solving the Capacity Crunch in Today's Petrochemical Supply Chain

Real-Time Data System Helps Reduce Risks Posed by Third Party Vessels

Terminal Logistics: Technology Optimizes Terminal Management

Overcoming Your Biggest Vessel Tracking Challenges

The Value in Marine Asset Protection

The Difference Between AIS and LRIT

6 AIS Ship Tracking Features You Need Now

Julie Zamarripa Speaking at WGMA Membership Meeting on August 15th

AIS vs Radar: Vessel Tracking Options

How to Use AIS Data to Your Advantage

Industry 4.0 Solution Marries Siloed Data for Terminals

Oceaneering's TerminalSmart team will be at ITLA 2018

What is AIS Tracking and Why is it Important?

Logistics Management: System Optimizes Terminal Storage & Transportation

Using TerminalSmart to Jumpstart your  Industry 4.0 Initiative [Whitepaper]

From Dock to Tank to Pipeline

Creating an Industry 4.0 Terminal: Where to Start? [Whitepaper]

Are You Missing the Industry 4.0 Revolution? [Whitepaper]

Oceaneering's Bob Kessler Talks Maritime Intelligence, AIS Technology, Terminal Optimisation, Safety, Emissions, ROVs And More

TerminalSmart nominated for 2 Global Tank Storage Awards

AIS: What a Difference a Decade Makes

Digital platform reduces terminal delays by 35%

Asset Management: Offshore Operators Have Tools to Reduce Risks, Improve Logistics

Drones creating quite a buzz in maritime industry

China Cracks down on Maritime Emissions

Freeport LNG Liquefaction Facilities to Welcome New BP Tankers in 2018

US Cruise Industry has Record Year

Impact of Harvey on Oil Industry Extends Beyond Texas

Deepwater Oil Exploration Buoyed by Recent Offshore Auction

Thailand’s Kra Canal: Game-Changer Waiting to Happen

Global Demand for U.S. Coal a Boost to Dry-Bulk Shipping

Gulf Coast Ports Vie for Surging Exports of Crude

Sanctions on Venezuelan Crude Could Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Video Plays Increasingly Important Role in Offshore Oilfield Operations

Top Oil Traders Offer Bespoke Blends at Sea

Navigating Safely Around Underwater Pipelines

Natural Gas Boom Likely to Compound Congestion at Ports in Gulf

UAS Programs Take off in Growing Range of High-Value Oil and Gas Applications

Port Bans by Its Neighbors Isolate Qatar, Impact Shipping and Trade

Lower Costs, Less Congestion Lure Companies away from Houston Ship Channel

AIS Vessel Tracking Provides View of USS Fitzgerald Collision

Will OPEC’s extension of production cuts lead to higher oil prices?

Collaborative Intelligent Monitoring to Protect Offshore Assets

Floating LNG Facilities Making Waves as Energy Solution

Iraq Responds to Cutbacks in Crude with a Surge in Fuel-Oil Exports

Oversupply of Crude Foils Oil-Price Recovery, Impacts Ports

New Pipelines and LNG Terminals Boost Natural Gas Exports

Port Alliances Present New Possibilities

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Create New Opportunities to Gather Essential Data

Will the U.S.-Mexico Trade Conflict Affect Trade in Natural Gas?

Pipeline Maintenance Reroutes LNG Deliveries to Mexico

Strong Demand for LNG Expected to Continue

Barge Revenues Drop in Spite of Record Harvest

In Vancouver, Quieter Ships Mean Lower Port Fees, Happier Whales

Large Fleet of Icebergs Impacting North Atlantic Shipping Lanes

West Coast Ports Post Market-Share Gains in 2016

The NOAA's Ronald H. Brown Finally Returns Home

2017 Marks Mexican Deregulation of Oil and Gas Industry

Heavy Smog in China’s Ports Causes Costly Delays

Underwater Asset Protection Discussion at this year's CGA 811 Conference & Expo

U.S. Gasoline Prices in 2016 Were Lowest Since 2004

Join Oceaneering at the 2017 HAI Heli-Expo in Dallas!

How are Oil and Gas Companies Utilizing Unmanned Aircraft?

Key Ports Break Records in 2016 for Loaded-Container Volume

New Chinese Satellite Network Plan Announced

Visit Oceaneering at the 2017 MVTTC Conference in New Orleans!

Join Oceaneering at the first ever Oceanology International Conference in North America

EIA says 2016 was a good year for the US petroleum industry

Oceaneering Presenting at this Years DP Conference in London

New, Aggressive Clean Air Action Plan for LA/Long Beach Ports

OPEC set to cut production in 2017

Seven Crewmen Rescued from Sinking Cargo Ship

First Offshore Wind Farm in US Launches

Advantages of the Revised Guidelines for Use of AIS

Homeless LNG Here to Stay

South Korea moves to rescue its shipbuilders with a $9.6 billion package

PortVision's Top 10 Blogs of 2016

PortMiami gets $33 million grant for further expansion

Oil Demand May Peak Before Supply Exhausted

New Suez Canal Transit Fee Discounts Offered

Japanese merger another indication of trouble for container industry

Oil companies see their future in Liquid Natural Gas

Market stress on global terminal operators leads to new strategies

Ship's anchor cuts internet cables from Jersey to the UK

Satellite AIS: The Largest Maritime Paradigm Shift in Over a Century

East and West Coast port upgrades – a risky financial investment?

Port of London is first in UK to establish a low emission discount

Port of New York and New Jersey completes deepening project for today's Panamax sized ships

New Panama Canal moving port projects forward to accommodate Panamax traffic

Protecting Maritime Assets

Are there issues navigating the new locks in the Panama Canal?

US Coast Guard Upgrades Port Conditions due to Hurricane Hermine

Shipping Alliances Overview [Infographic]

Port of Lake Charles Growth Depends upon Costly Dredging of Calcasieu Ship Channel

Great Lakes Leaders Call for Ten-Year Maritime Investment Plan

A New Era Begins for the Port of Savannah-Larger Vessels and More Services

Brexit and Its Implications for the Shipping Industry

Protecting Your Assets in the Maritime Environment

New Container Shipping Alliances Take Shape

US Senate Passes FY2017 Funding for Waterways and Ports

Venezuela $l billion in debt for late shipping containers

Surging Petchem Production Boosts Gulf Coast Ports

Using PortVision to Track NASA's Last Space Shuttle Tank

Iran struggles to find enough ships for its oil exports

EPA Releases New Standards to Cut Methane Emissions

Tracking Tropical Storm Colin with Oceaneering's PortVision 360

The Case of the Contango: Supertankers used to Hoard Crude for Later Sales

Oceaneering creates Zika Virus tool for your company's GIS system

First Methanol-fueled Tanker Launched

Easing Congestion: Methods for Handling Traffic

Improving terminal operations while simplifying regulatory compliance reporting

Oceaneering Wins Safety in Seas Award

New AIS Use for Wildlife Conservation

Attending OTC 2016?

Implications of the Panama Canal Expansion for Shipping

Creating Virtual Aids to Navigation (ATONs)

USCG News Release - New AIS Requirements

The Rise of Environmentally Friendly Vessels

AIS Tracking Technology is the Safe Option

Mega-ship Challenges and Benefits for Ports

Protecting Assets: AIS-Based Vessel Tracking

Surviving the High Seas: A Challenge for New Navy Vessels?

How to Control Rising Demurrage Costs at U.S. Ports

Shipping Industry’s Cyber Security Guidelines to Protect AIS Navigation

Star of Abu Dhabi Bulker Arrested in Louisiana

Tanker Terminal Idle Time Measurement and Analysis

Port of Baltimore Ready for Large Ships

Shipping Industry Benefits From Low Oil Prices

Port of Virginia Breaks Record for Container Volume

Using Vessel AIS Data to Protect Pipelines and Remote Assets

China makes First Purchase of U.S Oil from Gulf Since End of Export Ban

The First Oil to be Exported in 40 Years

CGA 811 Conference Update

Visit Oceaneering at the CGA 811 Excavation Safety Conference & Expo March 8-10

USCG AIS Rule Deadline - March 1st 2016

Join Us For the PortVision 360 Launch Event!

The Repeal of Crude Oil Export Ban

Port Profile: The Northwest Seaport Alliance

PortVision's Top 10 Blogs of 2015

Indonesian Port Expansion

Port Profile: The Port of Tianjin

Oceaneering Introduces PortVision 360™

The POLARizing Debate over Arctic Drilling

PortVision's New Vessel Intelligence Module

Join PortVision at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition

Why and Where NGLs Can be Exported

A Primer on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway

U.S. Coast Guard Regulations Expand AIS Carriage, Create New Opportunities to Improve Maritime Operations

Port Transparency Act of 2015 a Congressional Priority

The Port of Shanghai: The World's Largest Port

LNG Cruise Ships: The Wave of the Future

Port of Corpus Christi to Expand Ship Channel

“Container-on-Barge” Comes of Age

CAMO recieves Gulf Guardian Award using PortVision AIS Technology

Join PortVision at the 2015 Petrochemical & Maritime Outlook Conference

PortVision, CAMO Begin Transmitting AIS Safety Messages to Vessels

USCG Updates AIS Encoding Guide

Good Chemistry at Port of Lavaca-Point Comfort

Happy 225th Birthday to the US Coast Guard!

Port of South Louisiana Riding High on Natural Gas Boom

Do Mega-Ships mean Mega-Investment?

The Gulf of Mexico and Soft Oil Prices

Happy 4th of July from PortVision!

Panama Canal Authority and Port of Lake Charles Sign Agreement

PortVision awarded "Best Satellite AIS Solution" by Government Security News

Will we see you at the SGA Offshore & Coastal Pipeline Operations Conference?

New ANOA and AIS Requirements

Join PortVision at the Inland Marine Expo (IMX)

Nicaragua's Canal – A Competitor to the Panama Canal

Supertankers Being Used for Oil Storage at Sea

National Maritime Day 2015

AIS Legislation Watch: New US rules in 2015

Egypt's Suez Canal to Double in Size by August 2015

The Sabine-Neches Waterway Prepares for the Future

The Next Step in Marine Terminal Management

The M/V MAERSK TIGRIS and Iran: A Developing Story in the Strait of Hormuz

Oil Drilling in Contested Waters

Riding for a Cause

AIS on all European Barges in 2015?

The Need for Vessel Traffic Management Near Oil Platforms

Spotlight on the Port of Lake Charles – From Riverboats to Refineries

PortVision Awarded at the CGA Excavation & Safety Conference

Are the New Panama Canal Navigation Changes Risky?

The Changing Tides of LNG Export Regulations

Join PortVision for this years CGA Excavation & Safety Conference

Prelude, the World’s Largest Floating Vessel

WRRDA Leads to “Smoother Sailing” in North America

Is Slower Better?

Containers, Containers, Everywhere. A brief history of the Port of Los Angeles

Vessel tracking from space with Satellite AIS

Port Congestion – It’s getting crowded in here!

LNG Fueling Growth in Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry

The Tank Barge Building Boom

Rising Container Demurrage at US Ports

An AIS-based Approach to Subsea Pipeline Safety

The Shale Gas Boom in the U.S. is Reshaping the Energy Industry

Wing in Ground Effect Vessels and AIS

Satellite technology continues to advance AIS ship tracking capabilities

PortVision at the 2014 International Workboat Show

Join PortVision as a VIP for this years International Workboat Show

Port Profile: The Port of Prince Rupert

Free Visitors Pass - Join PortVision at the Clean Gulf Conference & Exhibition

How Eagle Ford Is Changing The Port Of Corpus Christi

AIS Data Use in Environmental Ship Emissions Research

The US Maritime Administration (MARAD) has issued an advisory for the Ebola Virus

Could AIS Data Have Helped Find Missing Vietnamese Tanker?

USCG testing Virtual eATON buoys in San Francisco Bay

PortVision receives FCC License to transmit AIS safety message directly to wheelhouse

The Maritime Industry and the US Coast Guard - Join the Conversation...

The Burning Question of Oil in Iraq

New GAO Audit on Maritime Critical Infrastructure Protection

For US Energy Policy, YOUR Input Matters

Does Shore Power = Green Ports?

Port Profile: The Port of New Orleans

Profile: The Marseille-Fos Port Authority

NOAA Folds Its Nautical Chart Business

Oceaneering Announces Acquisition of AIRSIS

The next exciting chapter for PortVision - An open letter to our customers, partners, and friends

[Video] PortVision Goes to Washington…

PortVision CEO to Testify at U.S. Congressional Hearing On How to Improve Maritime Safety, Security and Efficiency

Profile: The Port of Valdez, Alaska

The Jones Act Debate

PortVision Adds Two Texas Events to its Complimentary Educational Luncheon Series for Marine Terminal Managers

Harbor Pilots Handle a Dangerous but Necessary Job

Ballast, a Complicated Global Tale

Size Counts. How Ports are Dealing with Larger Ships.

The New Polar Code

U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter Visits AIRSIS to Talk About PortVision

Oil Driving More Gulf Ship Traffic

PortVision Continues Educational Series into 2014 with Complimentary Luncheon Event for Marine Terminal Managers

Ship Traffic Increases in Vancouver and Puget Sound Coming

Vessel-Tracking Tools and Technology Will Deliver New Capabilities in 2014, While Continuing to Change How Maritime Professionals Do Business

Top Vessel-Tracking Trends For 2014

Harbor Tugs Have More Technology and More Power

Domestic Oil = Domestic Ships. And that means, Domestic Ship Tracking.

Shipping at the Top of the World

Feature Friday: All I want for Christmas is… System Integration?

London Gateway Opens, UK's Newest Super-Port

Redevelopment Projects at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Providing feedback to the US Coast Guard on tank vessel oil transfers

How a wider Panama Canal results in a taller bridge in Bayonne, NJ


Oil glut in Houston? Change = Opportunity

AIS as a Virtual Aid to Navigation (ATON)

Captain Phillips, Part 2: The AIS connection

First PortVision CONNECT Grant Awarded for Gulf Waterway Project Aimed at Improving Marine Terminal Gate Security

AIS Hacking – Buzz, Hype, and Facts

Captain Phillips, the Movie: Maritime PR for the masses

Making (and Keeping) Friends in New Orleans

Feature Friday: Fun with Dock and Berth Scheduling, Part 2

The Real Cost of Transporting Oil: The Journey of a Molecule

Free VIP Pass – Join PortVision at the International WorkBoat Show

All about PORTS®

Don’t miss the boat... McAllister's innovative use of PortVision

Commodity Buzzword Bingo: Contango and Backwardation

Sharing Fleet Information with the Right People, at the Right Time

The 9/11 Boatlift: A Tribute to Maritime First Responders

What is AIS and why do we need it?

Feature Friday: Tides, Notes and Outages in Dock Management System

AIS Vessel Tracking and Incident Response

Feature Friday: Historic Playback (with Screencast)

Lawyers and AIS Vessel Tracking: Just the facts, please

Feature Friday: Setting a Single Alert for your Vessel Fleet

US Domestic Oil Discount: The Great Vanishing Act

Feature Friday: Share your Saved Fleets with Other Users

Join us in Philadelphia for a Lunch & Learn

Buzzword of the week: Virtual Tendering

Feature Friday: Go Hands Free by "Following" Your Vessel

PortVision Webinar To Cover Tips & Tactics for Optimizing Marine Terminal Operations

July Webinar on Optimizing Marine Terminal Operations

Feature Friday: Viewing Vessel Movement History with Vessel Tracks

From Deck Logs to Business Intelligence

Feature Friday: Weathering the storm

Terminal Management Systems article in Waterways Today

Demystifying Demurrage

A very busy (and productive) week…

Feature Friday: Configuring “Reports and Links” on the PortVision Dashboard

Getting What You Paid For - Oil

Visit PortVision at the ILTA Conference Next Week in Houston, TX

The Real Cost of Liquid Cargo Transportation

Thank you to our Merchant Mariners!

Receive Complimentary Passes: ILTA Exhibition Preview

Do Business Better With Terminal-based Alerts in PortVision

From Paper Decklogs to Mouse Clicks and Finger Swipes

PortVision’s Jason Tieman to Speak at International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) Conference about New Ways to Maximize Uptime and Utilization with Limited Resources

Creating Fleets and Views on the PortVision Map

PortVision’s Jason Tieman to Present at “AIS Summit” in Hamburg, Germany

Animating Your Vessel Reports to See What REALLY Happened

PortVision is growing, and we need your help!

Jason Tieman featured in Inland Port Magazine

PortVision Hosts Next in Series of Complimentary Educational Events for Marine Terminal Managers

Collaboration = Efficiency

Using AIS data for waterborne fixed asset management.

Tight Oil Leads to Tighter Docks

Feature Friday: Customize your PortVision Start Page

Electronic Invoicing – Can AIS Help?

PortVision Maiden Blog Post from CEO Dean Rosenberg

PortVision Launches $500,000 Grant Initiative to Help Improve U.S. Port and Waterway Efficiency, Safety and Security

PortVision Launches PortVision TV On-Line Video Series Focused On AIS-based Business Optimization

PortVision to Provide Sunoco Logistics with TerminalSmart Dock Management System and Vessel-Tracking Services

PortVision Announces Growing U.S. Adoption of Its Enterprise-Class Marine Terminal Optimization Solutions

PortVision Hosts Marine Terminal Personnel at TerminalSmart User Summit

Storage Terminals Magazine: The wider vision

PortVision Brings Advanced Marine Vessel-Tracking Capabilities to Latest Full-Featured Smartphones

Maritime Journal: Automated dock management cuts costs

The Coast Guard Proceedings of the Marine Safety & Security Council: "AIS in Action"

Maritime Journal: "PortVision Optimizes Fleet Communications"

PortVision Introduces Dock Management System for End-to-End Marine Terminal Optimization

PortVision Improves Waterway Visibility for Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) Members

PortVision Introduces WorkBoat Communications and Tracking Service at Half the Cost of Satellite-Only Solutions

PortVision Wins Professional Mariner Magazine’s 2011 Samuel Plimsoll Award for Innovation

Maritime Professional: "Dean Rosenberg, CEO of PortVision"

Government Security News: "AIS data intelligence improves security by enhancing maritime domain awareness"

MarineNews: “PortVision: A Helping Hand in the Deepwater Horizon Response”

PortVision Vessel-Tracking Service Helps BP Speed Gulf Oil Spill Response and Recovery Operations

Inland Port magazine: “New Web-Based Service Platform for Marine Terminal Operators”

PortVision Enhances Vessel-Tracking Service to Include Integrated Weather Reports, Distance Calculator and VesselZones

Inland Port magazine: Making the Marine Highway Safer

PortVision Introduces First Web-Based Service Platform for Marine Terminal Operators That Integrates Vessel Tracking, Management and Analysis

And the winners are......

Go Gulf magazine: "New GPS Tracking Options Simplify MMS Compliance and Enhance Operations"

AIRSIS Announces AIS Distribution Agreement with ORBCOMM

Marine Electronics & Communications: "Automatically Collated Traffic Data is Widely Accessible"

PortVision and Heidenreich Innovations Offer Unified Features for Users

PortVision Selected as Enterprise Portal for Maritime Traffic Analysis within MarView Platform by the U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration

PortVision Now Supports Long Range Tracking of Vessels at Sea

PortVision Expands Facility and Services for Gulf Coast of United States

Marine Log - "Google for the Maritime Industry"

Sabine-Neches waterway users adopt PortVision for improved operations

The Maritime Executive - "Watching the Bottom Line Closely" by Joseph Keefe