Digital platform reduces terminal delays by 35%

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Oceaneering International has introduced an enhanced digital platform that can be used for optimising liquid terminal operations from vessel movements and ship assistance to tank and pipeline management. It has evidence that this platform can reduce dock delays by up to 35%.

Oceaneering has transformed the TerminalSmart system into a logistics hub for an entire oil and gas terminal using the automatic identification system (AIS) for vessel tracking and software for monitoring all terminal operations.

TerminalSmart can be used for real-time planning, forecasting and manage product movements within the facility. Terminal operators can manage tugs for ship movements, vessel scheduling and pipeline transfers. This hub can be used to monitor key performance indicators and warn operators about scheduling conflicts.

“Customers can use TerminalSmart to manage all product movements within and between their facilities by land and through pipelines, and by rail, truck and vessel,” said Oceaneering programme manager for maritime global data solutions Robert Kessler. He explained that more developments will be coming to enhance this platform.

Oceaneering said initial users of TerminalSmart have reduced average dock delay times as much as 35% and increased monthly vessel calls by 10% within the first year of its trial use. Oceaneering said other benefits include:

  • Improving and standardising terminal-wide productivity.
  • Benchmarking operations.
  • Reducing demurrage and other costs.
  • Optimising product flow and volume availability.
  • Enhancing asset utilisation.
  • Capital investment analyses.

Oceaneering has added reporting capabilities for displaying real-time key performance indicators. In the future, it intends to expand the scope and variety of operational and scheduling data inputs that the platform uses from terminal operations.

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Posted on Dec 13, 2017 6:07:00 AM

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