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Oceaneering's TerminalSmart now serves as the hub for all terminal logistics, not just at the dock

Since 2010 Oceaneering International's TerminalSmart platform has been used by major oil & gas companies and liquid storage terminals to improve efficiency during a period of unprecedented growth in vessel traffic.

TerminalSmart was the first solution of its kind to integrate vessel tracking, management and analysis in a single operational dashboard for collaborative event monitoring, KPI generation and reporting, and real-time scheduling.

It established a simple and consistent interface for entering delays and other events and generating letters of protest, and introduced rich visualizations of actionable intelligence to enhance visibility, analytics and decision-making.

It also opened the door to such dock innovations as virtual tendering and just-in-time arrivals. These features continue to be central to TerminalSmart's value, and these have now been extended to support all liquid terminal product movements, not just those at the dock.

Oceaneering says TerminalSmart now serves as the hub for all terminal logistics, from facilitating key performance indicators (KPIs) to warning users about scheduling conflicts.

"TerminalSmart has been extended with capabilities that take it beyond the dock to provide a holistic view of the entire terminal while supporting a comprehensive range of functions including collaborative pipeline transfer scheduling, conflict alerting, forecasting and historical reporting," said Robert Kessler, Program Manager, Maritime Global Data Solutions at Oceaneering.

"Customers can use TerminalSmart to manage all product movements within and between their facilities by land and through pipelines, and by rail, truck and vessel. We will continue to integrate new features across the liquid terminal logistics chain as we help increase efficiency and reduce waste and associated costs for operators and their customers."


A key component of the platform is the automatic identification system (AIS) vessel-tracking technology. This enables customers to improve visibility and efficiency so they can reduce average dock delay times as much as 35 percent within the first few months of use while increasing monthly vessel calls as much as 10 percent within the first year, the firm claims.

Similar improvements can now be made throughout the facility as Oceaneering has extended TerminalSmart's functions to encompass all liquid terminal logistics processes. Among its benefits, the enhanced platform can be used to improve and standardize terminal-wide productivity best practices and bench-marking, generate insights for reducing demurrage and other costs, optimize product flow and volume availability, enhance asset utilization, and develop capital investment analysis.

Key new features include Flex Reports for displaying real-time KPIs, and trending reports on shared dashboards to improve data visualization and planning collaboration.

The enhanced platform can also be used to reduce scheduling conflict oversights by proactively warning users about issues so they don't have to maintain and consult manual spreadsheets or compare notes via email. Plans for future enhancements include expanding the scope and variety of operational and scheduling data inputs that the platform ingests from terminal operations, and enabling the platform to make scheduling decisions based on the system's historical data and predictive analytics.

The latter is aimed at delivering three key capabilities: predictive ETA using a combination of machine learning with historical data and real-time ETD information; enhanced berth-on-arrival capabilities for port call optimization and to support OCIMF's virtual tender initiative and associated fuel cost reductions; and Inventory in Motion, so that operators can extend feed-stock inventory to ships at sea and route vessels to optimize the efficiency of production facilities.

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