Feature Friday: Customize your PortVision Start Page

Posted by Nicole Pereira

Want to get answers in PortVision quicker?  Then consider customizing your start page to deliver the information that you need to know most.  PortVision makes it easy to take you to your vessels, fleets, or even your local region on the map immediately after login.  And if you check the “Remember Me” box at Login, then you will really blaze a path to those mission-critical answers.

You can customize your Start Page from the “Preferences” page in PortVision Plus, PortVision Advantage, and TerminalSmart.  There are multiple options for your start page that can be tailored to your daily needs, including:

  • Viewing your home region on the map
  • Viewing your primary fleet of vessels on the map (i.e. your “My Vessels” fleet)
  • Viewing your primary fleet of vessels in search mode
  • Viewing all of your fleets on the map
To get to the Preferences page, look to the top right of the page after logging in and click. preferencesNext you will see this screen:

 set area resized 600

You can set your home region first and then you can select to have your home region show on the map as your start page. Or if you prefer, set other options to view your primary fleet (“My Vessels”) or all of your fleets based on your needs.
That’s it!  Now it’s up to you what to do with that extra time you save…
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Posted on Apr 5, 2013, 10:26:00 PM

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