From Deck Logs to Business Intelligence

Posted by Bob Kessler

There is a lot of knowledge that your fleet-managementwheelhouse personnel know right now that you don't.  You may know it later – in some cases, much later, after an audit, incident, or other adverse event.  Maybe the paper deck log gets delivered when the vessel ties up.  Or maybe they e-mail a spreadsheet to you at the end of watch.  At that point, you have the logs, but do you really have actionable information?  You may be able to “check the compliance box” with your QSE manager, but do you have data that you can use to improve your business?  And when that incident or audit comes, will you have the answers you need at your fingertips?  If not, how long will it take to get it, and what will that auditor find in the meantime?

But what If you were able to collect all required information at its source (the wheelhouse), then collate it with the rest of your fleet's logs?  Then the information requested by the auditor (or your boss, or upper management) could be delivered in seconds, keeping everyone happy and focused on the task at hand.  Think about the added free time.  And think about the smile on the auditor’s face (and your boss’ face, and your boss’ boss’ face)

Now that the audit is complete, what else can you do with all this fleetwide consistent data?  Perhaps you can  identify fuel consumption causes and start an initiative to reduce them over the fleet.  How about pushing the events necessary for billing your customers directly to your invoicing software?  Or management and tracking of rest time?  And then there is the ability to better support your dispatchers, traffic personnel, and even business development.

At PortVision, we provide maritime business intelligence systems that connect companies together.  We provide the right data to the right people, and create a collaborative environment where everyone who has a need to know…KNOWS.  And when it comes to integrating data from your fleet activities, we provide the touch screen interfaces, the data pipes, and the web-based collaborative tools to make it easy.  We even design the system integration platform that allow this information to be shared with other people and processes. 

Want to explore how you can connect your fleet to the rest of your organization?  Then contact us, and let’s explore your specific needs, and how we may be able to help.


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