Oceaneering Presenting at this Years DP Conference in London

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Oceaneering will be presenting at this year’s European Dynamic Positioning Conference on Tuesday, February 7th, in London. Mark Stevens, the Director of Oceaneering’s Global Data Solutions group, will be speaking about “The Latest in Precise Point Positioning”.

The 2017 DP Conference focuses on the issues and challenges affecting the dynamic positioning market itself, the DP issues that affect the offshore vessel market as a whole, and how, in a challenging market, DP can be used to make operations safer, more efficient and more cost-effective.

Among the topics in his presentation, Mark Stevens will be showcasing PortVision 360’s Asset Protection module and Asset Monitoring Intelligence Center (AMIC).


PortVision 360 Asset Protection is a software solution that provides customers with a holistic view of what’s happening around their global assets, GPS positions from automatic identification system (AIS) transmitters, radar targets, and other sensors. This data enables PortVision 360 to provide real-time alerts about vessel activity around customer’s identified assets.

The AMIC is a location from which Oceaneering remotely monitors a customer’s assets by using real-time information to filter out false-negative alarms and send alerts when necessary. Throughout this process, we collect data that can be used to optimize efficiency in operations and emergency response.


If you are planning to attend the show in London, please stop by the C-Nav Positioning Solutions booth (#9), to learn how Oceaneering can help your business. For more information about PortVision 360 Asset Protection and the AMIC call 713-337-3737 or email jtieman@oceaneering.com.

We hope to see you there!


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