Oceaneering's Bob Kessler Talks Maritime Intelligence, AIS Technology, Terminal Optimisation, Safety, Emissions, ROVs And More

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Bob Kessler, Oceaneering's Maritime Program Manager, sat down with Gibraltar Shipping to discuss everything from AIS vessel tracking technology to subsea oil and gas operations:

Please talk to us about your role and main responsibilities at Oceaneering:
As Program Manager for Maritime Global Data Solutions at Oceaneering International, I am responsible for the growth and delivery of our expanding solutions portfolio. This includes our Oceaneering PortVision 360 service for maritime intelligence, our Asset Monitoring Intelligence Center (AMIC) for remote monitoring to support asset protection and optimisation, and our Oceaneering TerminalSmart platform for liquid terminal logistics management. Another related offering is our Oceaneering Media Vault (OMV) offering, which solves the challenge of storing high volumes of archived media from remote operations –both onshore and offshore.


In your view, what is Oceaneering's competitive advantage in the industry?
From the perspective of the Global Data Solutions group that I represent, Oceaneering offers a unique combination of products and capabilities that are increasingly important for oil and gas operations upstream, midstream, and downstream, as well as a broader set of both wet and dry bulk cargo shipping operations.

We were an early pioneer in web-based satellite tracking and monitoring solutions that used Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology for vessel traffic management and collaboration. Our PortVision AIS-based vessel tracking service has helped lead the way to a new generation of comprehensive solutions that are now being used by major oil companies, marine service providers, vessel operators, and government agencies to enhance performance and revenues. It also underpins our TerminalSmart platform, which combines our latest PortVision 360 service with customised dashboards, collaboration features, and web-based real-time operational planning and reporting in order to significantly improve operations across petrochemical refineries, third-party terminals, and port authorities. The TerminalSmart platform has been proven to significantly reduce dock delay times by an average of 35% within the first few months of adoption and to deliver approximately 15% more vessel calls within the first year.
More recently, Oceaneering has enhanced its TerminalSmart enterprise-class marine terminal optimisation family to also provide planning, reporting, and forecasting capabilities across all terminal product transportation modes from the dock to tanks, trucks, rail, and pipelines. This includes everything from pipeline transfer scheduling, tasking, and line management functions to historical reporting for performance tracking, optimisation, and trending analysis. Our TerminalSmart platform remains the only liquid storage terminal optimisation solution with AIS vessel-tracking technology at its core.
Additionally, we can extend our solutions with a variety of additional Oceaneering capabilities, including...To read the entire Q&A, please follow this link.
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Posted on Mar 8, 2018, 6:07:00 AM

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