Pipeline Maintenance Reroutes LNG Deliveries to Mexico

Posted by Chris Leslie


Earlier this month, Pemex, Mexico's state-owned petroleum company, started importing LNG from Cheniere Energy's export terminal in Sabine Pass to Mexico's Altamira import terminal.  These deliveries were the product of scheduled maintenance on the NET Mexico pipe in Texas, which starting during the holy week of April 9 - 15. 

Exports fell to 2.4 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), from an average of 3.8 bcfd during the 30 days prior to the work. This was the lowest level since June 2015. Three tankers that were rerouted from Sabine to Altamira were the Creole Spirit (3.6 bcf), Magellan Spirit (3.3 bcf) and Methane Nile Eagle (2.9 bcf). Below, you can see that the tankers were originally headed south to the Panama Canal and East to Gibraltar, Spain, before turning around towards Altamira.

Vessel Track of the Creole Spirit
Vessel Track of the Magellan Spirit
Vessel Track of the Methane Nile Eagle
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Vessel Event Logs of the Creole Spirit and Magellan Spirit
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Posted on Apr 27, 2017, 6:07:00 AM

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