Ship's anchor cuts internet cables from Jersey to the UK

Posted by Chris Leslie


Last month, a ship transiting the English Channel accidentally cut internet cables, used by network company JT, that connected Jersey to the UK. This resulted in dramatically slower internet speeds for residents on the island, who had to rely on a single cable connected to France.

The cables were cut when a ship's anchor was dragged along the seabed. The incident is still under investigation by the coastguard. At this time the main suspect is an Italian-registered tanker called the King Arthur, which was believed to have been moored in the banned area of sea, where the cables run.

Incidents like this one can cause thousands, if not millions, of dollars in damage. It is important for companies, such as JT, to monitor the activity around their assets and proactively keep them safe. It is this very problem that PortVision has set out to solve with our PortVision 360 Asset Protection solution and Asset Monitoring Intelligence Center (AMIC).

PortVision 360 Asset Protection is a software solution that provides customers with a holistic view of what's happening around their global assets. GPS positions from automatic identification system (AIS) transmitters, radar targets, and other sensors are fed into the data center where PortVision is hosted and enable the PortVision 360 software to provide real-time alerts about vessels' interaction with the identified assets.

The AMIC is located in Houston, TX and is where we remotely monitor a customer's assets by using real-time information to filter out false-negative alarms and send alerts when necessary. Throughout the process, we collect data that can be used to optimize efficiency in operations and emergency response.

For a more in depth discussion on this topic, you can read our blog post,"Protecting Maritime Assets", written by our Director of Maritime Operations, Jason Tieman.

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PortVision 360 AIS Vessel Tracking

Posted on Dec 16, 2016, 6:07:00 AM

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