Star of Abu Dhabi Bulker Arrested in Louisiana

Posted by Chris Leslie


The Star of Abu Dhabi was arrested and detained last Wednesday after Louisiana Sugar Refining filed a lawsuit against the bulk carrier for colliding with their dock in Gramercy, LA. 

According to Louisiana Sugar, the 80,000 dwt bulker drifted back into their dock due to an anchor failure upstream. They alleged that the vessel's conditions and the actions of it's crew were key factors in this incident. The plaintiff has filed a claim for $20 million, which includes significant damages to the dock and possibly a loss in profits due to the incident.

In a filing dated March 29, the U.S. Marshalls Service said that a notice of arrest had been served on the Star of Abu Dhabi at dock at a facility operated by Honeywell Specialty  Materials / William Olefins on the Mississippi River, near Geismar, Louisiana.

One of the most powerful features of PortVision® 360 Enterprise product is a vessel-playback mode which allows the user to go back in time and see exactly what happened during an incident like this.


In this screenshot, we have drilled-down 02:42 CST on March 25th. The vessel-track clearly shows the vessel as it drifted down river from its anchored position, along side of the dock, and within 600ft of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, before they were able to regain control and maneuver back to its original anchored position.

You can see pictures of the damage to the Star of Abu Dhabi here.

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