Terminal Logistics: Technology Optimizes Terminal Management

Posted by Bob Kessler


***This article was originally written by Robert Kessler  for October 2018 issue of The American Oil & Gas Reporter

Record U.S. oil and natural gas production, and the Gulf Coast’s growth as the major market center and export hub for supplies sourced from both onshore and offshore fields make terminal storage and transportation infrastructure critical to the upstream, midstream and downstream segments alike. A new generation of terminal management tools is significantly improving operational efficiencies and logistics, starting at the dock, to optimize operations across an entire facility, from inlet pipelines and storage to refined product transportation and shipping.

These tools provide a holistic view of terminal efficiency and enable operators to manage the full range of multimodal product movements while also performing real-time storage and transportation planning. The enhanced visibility is as valuable to terminal operators as it is to other stakeholders in the supply chain spanning exploration and production, midstream processing, and downstream transportation and refining.

The latest terminal management solutions combine comprehensive logistics information with the ability to alert stakeholders to a variety of logged events related to multiple, and often interdependent, processes. Users can collaborate to preempt planning oversights and associated scheduling conflicts, and to identify root causes of efficiency problems.

That collaboration extends across the entire supply chain, including upstream operators. Whether the goal is to help upstream stakeholders improve the performance of custody transfer and other product flows, or to maximize downstream manpower productivity or the return on investments in new infrastructure, today’s terminal optimization platforms make it possible to design, implement and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across crucial and value-adding processes.

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Posted on Oct 30, 2018 6:07:00 AM

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