Tracking Tropical Storm Colin with Oceaneering's PortVision 360

Posted by Chris Leslie

On Monday, Florida's Governor, Rick Scott, declared a state of emergency in numerous counties as Tropical Storm Colin reached the state with 50-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rainfall along the northern Gulf Coast. Colin is expected to impact nearly the entire state. Communities can expect heavy rain, high winds, rip tides, lightening, and even tornado and hail damage.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) also elevated a tropical storm warning to extend to coastal Georgia and South Carolina by Tuesday.

With the new addition of weather filters in Oceaneering® PortVision® 360, you can track the progress of Colin, as well as your vessels,  in real-time.


Fig 1. Current Wind Speed

In Fig 1, the first filter displayed is the US Current Wind Speed. You can see that as of 3:10 CST, the wind speeds off the western coast of Florida are reaching nearly 50 mph in some areas.  As the storm moves east, it will directly impact the ports at Tampa and Cape Coral.


Fig 2. US National Composite Radar

When you zoom out in Fig 2 and switch to the US National Composite Radar filter, you can see that Colin is bringing heavy rain to most of the state of Florida as well as parts of Georgia and South Carolina. Notice in the few red, and dark red areas, the rain density is 50- 60 dBZ, which is classified as Heavy - Extreme/Moderate hail by the NOAA.


Fig 3. Global Wave Height

The third filter in Fig 3 is the Global Wave Height (meters). The wave height is nearly 5 meters high in the bright yellow areas.


Fig 4. US Current Wind Vector

Lastly, the fourth filter in Fig 4 is the US Current Wind Vector. The arrows show the direction that the wind is blowing and the thickness of the arrow provides the speed. We can clearly see the eye of the storm in this filter and also that the strongest winds are blowing north, just off the coast of western Florida. 

Having the ability to track your vessels, as well as the weather conditions, is vital for safety, coordinating your shipping activities, and determining ETAs. These are 4 of 20 different filter options available to PortVision 360 customers. 

If you would like more information about Oceaneering or PortVision 360, please give us a call at (713)-337-3737.

Please stay safe during the hurricane season!

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Posted on Jun 7, 2016, 5:07:00 AM

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