Now you can add low-cost cellular and satellite 2-way data service to the award-winning PortVision Plus platform. PortVision TriMode offers significantly enhanced fleet reporting and business intelligence with up to 50% savings by reducing the need for expensive satellite communications to only when you need it.

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PortVision TriMode offers significantly enhanced fleet reporting and business intelligence with up to 50% savings in communications costs versus legacy satellite-only systems.

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PortVision's least-cost messaging routing ensures that each vessel uses the lowest-cost communications path for each message sent. So you have all of the safety and security of 2-way satellite communications, with the lower-cost advantage of cellular and AIS.

And you get the full power of the PortVision platform for enhanced operational efficiency and market intelligence.

Three modes of communication
Enhanced fleet visibility at lower cost


Gain real-time visibility of your fleet and all other AIS-enabled vessels with no communications cost when near-shore or in-port. See your vessels, competitor vessels, and the availability status of docks, locks, and anchorages.


High-performance vessel reporting (12 position reports per hour) and unlimited text messaging for a low fixed cost whenever your fleet is within cellular data coverage.


Guaranteed 2-way text messaging and position reporting via satellite, whenever your fleet transits outside of cellular and AIS coverage.

PortVision map

Search Bar

The power of PortVision search, available from within the map display. Enter what you are looking for and PortVision does the rest. Or navigate the map using convenient scroll, zoom, and pan features.

Real-time Map Display

Interactive map with current vessel locations, terminals, and key waterway points-of-interest. Select from satellite or map view. Restrict display to your specific vessels of interest or all vessels, with color-coding by vessel.

Event History

View up to 5 years history of port/terminal arrivals, departures, and passings for any selected vessel, terminal, or point-of-interest.

Notifications and Alerts

Setup automated alerts so that you are notified by e-mail or mobile text message on any arrival, departure, or passing for a selected vessel.

Vessel and Terminal Search View

Vessel and Terminal Search

Google-like search allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. Simply type a vessel name, call sign, or IMO number and find a vessel. Or if you prefer, enter a terminal name, point-of-interest, city name, or lat/long coordinate to view a specific area on the waterway. Your search results are immediately displayed.

Custom Vessel Lists

Create a custom view of only vessels that are of specific interest. Then easily access current vessel locations as needed. Filter results to view all vessels or just your selected vessels of interest.

Dashboards and Collaboration

Use 2-way, ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship messaging whenever you need it. Have an urgent message to transmit? Then send it immediately by satellite. And save money by having PortVision route text messaging and documents via low-cost cellular service when cellular service is available. Save up to 50% on your data communications cost versus legacy satellite-only solutions.



  • Real-time Position reporting by AIS, guaranteed position reporting by cellular and satellite through the award-winning PortVision Plus vessel tracking platform
  • 2-way text messaging and activity logging via cell and satellite, with least-cost routing to minimize communications costs
  • Customized fleet reporting within the comprehensive PortVision AIS-based platform


  • Better fleet utilization
  • Compliance reporting
  • 50% savings in hardware and communications costs compared to legacy satellite-only solutions
  • Job and activity logging
  • Enhanced customer service to charter customers

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Whatever your job function is on the waterway, knowledge is power. And PortVision gives you this power 24/7.

  • Vessel Tracking
  • Email Alerts
  • Arrival/Departure Events 90 Days
  • Vessel Zones: Limited

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PortVision Plus Features

  • Arrival/Departure Events: 5 Years
  • Vessel Zones: 100+
  • Shared Fleets
  • Scheduled Fleet Report
  • Animated Playback
  • Terminal & Fleet Dashboard
  • Historical Reports
  • Customization/Integration
  • Dock Scheduling & Logging

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PortVision Advantage Features

      Optional Features:
  • Charter Vessel Management
  • Demurrage Analysis
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Transportation Cost Analysis
  • Vetting

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