Did my ship move from the Sea Buoy? Has she docked? Can she dock? Where exactly are the tugs and pilots? Will I stay on schedule? When should I schedule cargo, line handlers, stevedores, and other service providers?

These are just a few of the questions PortVision 360 can answer. Use PortVision 360 to gain new levels of visibility and knowledge about vessel activities on the waterway. View dock availability, real-time vessel locations, and arrival/departure times for any vessel.

small ship in terminal

Your vessel is inbound. Should you send your crew to the dock? Use PortVision 360 to find out. Through PortVision 360, view real-time information about all vessels and terminals on the waterway. Then set an e-mail or text message alert to know immediately - as soon as your selected vessel passes a key point-of-interest or arrives/departs a dock.

Schedule labor and other resources based on the real story - without the need for endless e-mails and phone calls to the terminal, pilots, tugs, or agents.

Real-Time Information

  • View a live map of the waterway, which shows current vessel positions, terminals, and points-of-interest.
  • Set a text message or e-mail alert to stay in the know when a vessel arrives, departs, or passes a terminal or point-of-interest. Automatically send alerts to your boss, customer, or marine service providers to enhance communications and customer service and drive maximum efficiency and minimum costs for all.
  • Create your own custom vessel list, and get an instant snapshot of location and status of all vessels on that list, day or night, from any web-enabled PC.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by sharing the power of perfect information on the waterway with your customers.

Historical Reporting

  • Justify demurrage claims through historical reporting and animated playback.
  • Defend claims of dock damage and/or wake damage by documenting and demonstrating speed and position of your vessel at any minute of the day, up to five years in the past.
  • Analyze a specific waterway incident by replaying an animation in your web browser - then create a documentation packet to support your specific needs.
  • Access a data warehouse with up to five years of data on vessel arrivals, departures, passings, and other relevant activities.

Products that support Agents and Marine Service Providers:

  • PortVision 360 Professional for real-time visibility and transparency
  • PortVision 360 Enterprise for historical reporting and analysis
  • PV-OnBoard for satellite tracking of your barge fleet with a plug-and-play battery-operated transmitter
  • Custom Solutions -We have 15 years experience delivering custom industry solutions and developing enterprise software that meets the specific needs of our diverse client base

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