TerminalSmart™ is a multimodel terminal management system managed by a software suite that includes Dock Management System (DMS), FlexReports, and our new Conflict and Forecasting Module. Our customers want to maximize the efficiency of their liquid production facilities and storage terminals while simultaneously reducing costs, improving safety, and increasing revenue.

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TerminalSmart Terminal Management System

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The TerminalSmart system in an integrated, web-based terminal logistics optimization platform that enables increased asset utilization. Users can further benefit from a reduction in exposure to demurrage and delay costs using the system's scheduling, activity logging, and analytical tools designed specifically for liquid terminals. Using the TerminalSmart platform, users leverage the power of the Oceaneering PortVision 360 system and benefit from added features designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety and security of liquid terminals.

The system enables terminal managers to leverage accurate terminal, vessel, product movement, and third-party performance metrics. It also supports the user as they analyze how to best optimize terminals to get the most asset utilization in the least amount of time.

Providing a Logistical Hub

The TerminalSmart platform manages all product movements within a liquid terminal and is capable of performing real time operation planning. It provides a collaborative platform for terminal employees and stakeholders who contribute to the overall efficiency of the terminal.

The system acts as a logistical hub for the entire terminal-tanks, docks, pipelines, rail, and truck. It serves as the go-to repository that eliminates redundant data entry for tracking logistical pipeline schedules and other product movements within and between terminals. In addition to streamlined scheduling, the module provides a holistic view of terminal operations and enables forecasting as product enters and leaves the terminal by land, through pipelines, and by rail, truck, and vessel.

Provides all stakeholders with access to data points they require to:

  • Apply KPIs for productivity
  • Provide insight to customers to generate cost savings
  • Make justifications for capital investments
  • Optimizes terminal logistical supply chain to keep assets running, materials flowing, and improve customer service
  • Enables quantification of asset usage to establish business cases
  • Reduces demurrage claims and costs
  • Protect tanks from potential over and underfill
  • Reduces planning conflicts using proactive warnings and alerting
  • Enables consistent measurement for benchmarking and trending to identify and reduce costs
  • Supports the use of best practices and review of operations to identify areas of opportunity
  • Facilitates clear, company-wide communication with like terms and consistent language

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