Oceaneering® is the technology leader in vessel tracking solutions through our PortVision 360® line of maritime business intelligence solutions. Now, Oceaneering takes business intelligence to the next level with Vessel Intelligence™. Built on top of the vessel management system trusted by over 2,000 marine industry users around the world, Vessel Intelligence gives you even more visibility, transparency, and market insight into exactly what is going on in the waters that matter to YOU.

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What is Vessel Intelligence?

  • Over 50 vessel attributes on 10,000 workboats and OSVs that allow you to find exactly what asset you need, when you need it.
  • Identify vessels with specific attributes, based on moonpool, engine dimensions, passenger capacity, equipment (cranes, ROV, etc.), vessel dimensions, engine horsepower, and more.
  • Enchance incident response by locating the closest vessels, incorporating port calls for re-supply
  • Gain market insight in strategic waterways that matter to YOU.

Vessel Intelligence integrates directly into your existing PortVision 360 subscriber package. Vessel Intelligence will augment the existing AIS-based attribute search that you already use.






How can it help YOU?

  • Search regionally or globally for vessels with specific attributes (i.e. "Show me all OSV's in the Gulf of Mexico that have a 400 ton crane or greater").
  • Show me full vessel movement history for a specific vessel of interest
  • Tell me about all vessels that have been working in a specific lease block.
  • Let me see what specific vessels are doing, and how long they have been doing it.
  • Give me detailed vessel attributes about a specific vessel of interest so that I can determine if it is for a specific task.
  • I've got an active incident that I am managing! Show me what vessels are available in the area to help.
  • Generate an e-mail alert when a vessel that I care about changes its behavior (i.e. stops, starts, departures, arrives, slows, changes directions, etc.).
  • Generate a customized daily vessel report that identifies current position and other attributes for a list of vessels that I want to keep an eye on.

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